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Valentines Day with David Wax Museum

Love is in the air and we are celebrating with a special Valentine's Day show with David Wax Museum, fronted by the loving husband and wife duo of David Wax and Suze Slezak.

Fronted by a charismatic Missourian singing tight harmony with a Southern belle rattling the jawbone of a donkey, David Wax Museum is known for their south-of-the-border folk melodies with rock and roll fervor. They've been hailed by TIME for their "virtuosic musical skill" and they've built a reputation all over the U.S, Canada, Europe and China for "kicking up a cloud of excitement with their high-energy border-crossing sensibility" (The New Yorker).

But things have changed for David Wax Museum and the band has been moving into new directions. Wax and Slezak are now touring with a toddler. The band's sound has evolved into a straight-ahead folk-pop with a laid back vibe that sounds like a group of wonderful friends getting together to make music with whatever instruments are at hand.