NY Writer’s Compendium is located in NY but not limited to any geographical location!

Our goal is to provide a space for authors (poetry, fiction & non-fiction), editor, readers, presses and publications to connect with one another and appreciate each other’s work.

We advertise a wide variety of literary events and continue to expand our audience across the US.!


I started New York Writer’s Compendium around the same time I chose to become an English Major. I kept having people ask me, “What will you do with that?”, “How will you get a job?”, “There’s no money in writing.” At first, those comments were discouraging but I knew how I felt when I wrote and when I read the genius words of those writers before me.

Through my various courses in UAlbany’s English Department I was introduced to many contemporary authors. Some of which had just been published, were UAlbany Alum, and all that were alive were still writing. I had always believed that authors were like Hollywood celebrities… Unreachable. It was in a course that I attended my first event hosted by the NYSWI and got my first book signed by an author face-to-face. This lead me to ask…

Where were all the writers?!

I made it my mission not only to find them and build a community for myself but one that would be easily accessible to new and veteran writers alike. My first goal was to find events that I could attend and that sparked the creation of NYWCompendium’s extensive calendar. Once I found that there was a rich and thriving literary community just under the surface I was inspired to find a way to help promote these brilliant literary artists.

With the help of jil hanifan and the NYSWI I was able to research, network, enlist interns and build this website purely to provide a place for authors to promote themselves. We accomplish this with event reviews, author interviews, book reviews, the calendar, and listings of bookstores, publications and editorial services. We also have a growing social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I am still in the stages of growing and developing this into all it can be and welcome suggestions from other writers as to what would help them. There may not be “money in writing” but together the literary world is so much more.


Co-Founder/Managing Editor

  • Courtney Galligan


  • jil hanifan

UAlbany Contributing Interns

  • Jesse Siedel

  • Karlie Flood

  • Octavia Findley

  • Jeff Doherty

  • Allie Catalano

  • Ana Williams

  • Brandon Alpert